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Things that go “bump” in the water

OK…. so, I’m sitting here trying to work up enthusiasm about financial paperwork when I hear a disturbance in the water through the hull. Sounds like a small electric trolling motor with a bad prop setting up cavitation. Then I … Continue reading

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Given his due, but unduly

I don’t watch TV and I go out of my way to avoid the Oscars, but I’m given to understand that Martin Scorsese won Best Director for his remake of Infernal Affairs, which also won Best Picture. It’s fairly obvious … Continue reading

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My long-time friend Richenda has finally got the kinks out of her own site: Not a lot there, yet, but it’s a neat design and an interesting idea for talking about history and writing–two of Ric’s huge interests. Check … Continue reading

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Me at Long Ridge Writers Group

Mary Rosenblum asked me to talk to the Long Ridge Writers Group online about writing. Golly, I sure can blather….

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Mysteries Don’t Get No Respect

Jeri Westerson is up to good things at her blog, Getting Medieval, with an interesting little piece called Mysteries Don’t Get No Respect. I think we’ve all had this experience by now. Don’t it just suck?

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Chinese cometh

Hehe… I’m a big goofy thing, I know, but I’m all excited by the news that the Complex/Traditional Chinese translation of Greywalker is now done will be published this May. Spring International, the Taiwan-based publisher, will be doing new covers … Continue reading

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You’re Out!

Amazon has run out of my book. Of course, they don’t tell people that, they just stop taking orders for new books with no explanation. But Greywalker is still available at Barnes & and, of course, at regular bookstores. … Continue reading

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You guys probably already know how much I like weird words. Well… here’s someone who likes ’em even more than I do, I think. I present Arnzen’s Goreletter Dictionscary. I was just trying to find a reasonable definition of “squeg” … Continue reading

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Damn, that’s good!

I just started in on reading my friend Sean Chercover’s first novel, Big City, Bad Blood. OMG! Sean has exceeded all my expectations (and they were pretty high.) This is one excellent PI novel! Better than John D. MacDonald or … Continue reading

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Post-stress Drip

The convention went pretty well, though I spent most of it in a state of emergency, chasing after stuff and putting out fires. Still, people enjoyed themselves and I made a lot of friends and had fun in between the … Continue reading

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