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Site Archeology: Talking Turkey

Back in 2000 I had a little tiny website and I wrote this piece about Thanksgiving, so because a friend of mine is facing her first turkey roasting, I thought I’d repost it for her. Over the years, I’ve discovered … Continue reading

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Jackanapes, Co-Dependent Bear, and Things That Go *SPROING!*

Five minutes of Jack being very silly with “co-dependent bear” and a doorstop. (Yes, the bear says “I love you!” repeatedly.) This is why we call him “Jackanapes.”

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Bella Owns the House

In which Bella shows her appreciation for our new house: Yeah, the video is only adequate and the audio makes no sense as Mr. Kat and I discuss shower curtains and dog… business, but here it is anyhow.

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Tell a Story Day: Part 21

And now more of the amazing and amusing Tell a Story Day! I’m posting part 21 here, but the story started April 15th on M. Todd Gallowglas’s site with Part 1 and has continued on up to Part 20 on … Continue reading

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Bad Days Need Dogs

And today definitely needs a funny dog photo to make you laugh:

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Progress and Antlers

Well, I’m down to the final scene of the WIP and stopping for the day so I can spend all day on it tomorrow. Current total word count is 85,244 words, with 3,353 added today and it looks like the … Continue reading

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The Birthday Paper Project

Here is the present I made for a birthday today. It’s a paper zoetrope from Rob! Not my best job, alas, because the wheel wobbles in spite of my best efforts, but it works! See another video of the … Continue reading

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Happy Holidogs 2012!

Because I love to torment her, I bought some Holiday Dog Antlers for Bella. She doesn’t want to wear them, she’d rather steal them and destroy them: But victory shall not be hers. Even if it takes Mr. Kat wrestling … Continue reading

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A Bit of Holiday Levity (I Hope)

I’m going to repost an old holiday short of mine. I like this story: it makes me laugh. And today is a day I need a laugh. So, here it is again, originally written and posted December 23 2002, my … Continue reading

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Dog in Hatz

Bella sayz, “Do you like my brand new hat?” “I made it myself.” “You do not like my hat? How ’bout this one? Bella-patra, Queen of Denial! (as in ‘I deny I have this stupid thing on my head and … Continue reading

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Must… Get… Treat!

Bella wants the chunk of dried sweet potato that I stuffed into the “Jolly Ball” so badly…. (warning: loud growling.)

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Yup, still raining here in Seattle. Bella prefers to attack her towels after coming inside rather than be dried off with them. Sometimes she just lurks, lying in wait for the next unsuspecting terry cloth….

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