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Contest and Other Cool Stuff

Ooo… Vampire Book Club is giving away a copy of my new book! See how you can win it! And REVENANT made it onto the Kirkus “Your Best Bets for Speculative Fiction Reads in August” list! Whee!

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Sunset July 13, 2014

I didn’t have time to post these when they were fresh, but here are some photos of the local sunset on July 13. Quite spectacular, yes? These were all taken with my Nexus 5 Android phone camera with the native … Continue reading

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Job’s Done… for now

So, I’ve finished. The first draft of the by-now-infamous Science Fiction police thriller Work in Progress is done. 140,718 words of which I did 6,662 today. Now if I can just figure out how to get Scrivener to stop calling … Continue reading

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Revenant Author Copies

My author copies of Revenant arrived on Wednesday and I finally got some unboxed today. Not only are they gorgeous, they’re huge! (At least for an Urban Fantasy novel.) At 450 pages, Revenant is almost 100 pages longer than last … Continue reading

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Tour Info

I’ve just finished updating the Tour/Appearances page. So, now you know where to find me.

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Why I’m Not Working Faster….

Would be these two:

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