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Wandering after WFC

After WFC, Stina Leicht and I went to look at the Smithsonian and other things around the National Mall in Washington DC. First we were greeted by a horse playing The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby” (quite well) on electric cello at … Continue reading

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The Old Thesaurus

So… I’ve been working on a story that’s set during Prohibition and part of it takes place during World War 1. When I was looking up a word for a friend I realized I had the book and that it’s … Continue reading

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Sunset July 13, 2014

I didn’t have time to post these when they were fresh, but here are some photos of the local sunset on July 13. Quite spectacular, yes? These were all taken with my Nexus 5 Android phone camera with the native … Continue reading

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Revenant Author Copies

My author copies of Revenant arrived on Wednesday and I finally got some unboxed today. Not only are they gorgeous, they’re huge! (At least for an Urban Fantasy novel.) At 450 pages, Revenant is almost 100 pages longer than last … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Working Faster….

Would be these two:

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A Good Day in Katlandia

A little piece I wrote about legalizing ferrets in California has been published online at Kings River Life Magazine! I also got a box full of Possession paperbacks! Wheee!

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Annoying Pesterbutts

It’s spring! I can tell because the dogs won’t let me work for more than 45 minutes without demanding play time. Then they just sit down and roll around on the grass. Witness Pesterbutts at Play:

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I feel I’ve had my workout for the day: I mowed the 1/2 acre of rolling, overgrown lawn. The dogs are undecided about this. While the grass is now easier to run on, it’s not as long and cool to … Continue reading

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Proof of Revenant

This is what I’m doing today. Because my desk is a mess and I still haven’t gotten the standing desk situation sorted out, I’m having to make do with my trusty file box, an old slab of luan, and the … Continue reading

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Further Adventures of Jack Pupikins

Agent 00-Poo has survived his encounter with Dr. Vet and His Tooth Extractor Of Doom! But the battle was exhausting and the intrepid Jack Pupikins requires some “downtime” to recuperate. Oh, so hard is the life of a secret agent … Continue reading

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Carry On, Doggle

So… I took the “hundering therd” for a walk today, since it was sunny and pleasant out. Only got about a half-mile done, since it’s heavy work managing the Two Mighty Dogs of Discord and Destruction. We survived, though. And … Continue reading

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Bella Under Blanket

So… Jawa or Jedi?

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