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Boaty Badasses and Bella

Two of these serious-grade badasses sporting the company’s initials on the sides came out of the marina today, powered up, goosed their sirens, and scared the almighty yip out of Bella during our morning walk. She jumped, ran, and yanked … Continue reading

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The Current State of the Kat….

I’m slightly drunk and very tired…. I should be working, but am thinking: “I could take an antihistamine and go to bed… yeah….” And I am feeling a bit strange about the things I’m writing…. This is going to be … Continue reading

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Fridge! (plus friends and dogs)

Today we finally got the elusive fridge. It took quite a bit of weird paper chasing, phone calls and other insanity, but the order was confirmed and delivered to Fisheries Supply on Thursday. We were told we could pick it … Continue reading

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The Evil Bad Fridge begins its exit

Today we have begun our revenge on the Evil Bad Fridge (henceforth known as EBF) that attempted to kill us on Wednesday. This afternoon, after double-checking on the location of the nearest transfer station that would take it and that … Continue reading

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Sometimes bad things just happen….

This morning, the fridge tried to gas us. Yes really. It’s been a bit weird in Katlandia recently: Due to economic factors, this year’s US contract was not as remunerative as the previous one (and I’m still waiting to get … Continue reading

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The Office Returns Aboard

It may seem weird to go from 90 square feet to about 36 square feet, but in the case of the boat, one of our goals is to move all our stuff out off the land storage and onto the … Continue reading

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So after the success of yesterday, got up this morning to persistent rain–typical Seattle-in-February weather. But there’s more: a leak has developed over the foot of our bed. It’s right where the worst of the mildew was on the old … Continue reading

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Boat’s Away!

Well, after a lot of complications, paperwork, repairs, disappointments, thrills, insanity, and general boat-iness, the old sailboat is now not only sold, but moved to her new home. It took a lot of work on the parts of my husband … Continue reading

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New Boat Coming Soon!

Among other things, we’ve been thinking about getting a bigger boat. Notice I don’t say “a new boat” because we can’t afford a previously-unused vessel larger than a rowing dinghy. But while we were out this past weekend looking, we … Continue reading

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You Otter Be in Pictures….

This dude dropped by the dock today. He was cheeky enough to let me photograph him, but he didn’t put up with me for long, so the video is pretty short….

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Today was mold day. Ugh. While much of the SF world was at the Locus Awards, I was doing battle with mold and boats. (Ok, not the most physically strenuous battle, but kind of a sneaky guerrilla, slap-it-around-and-run-like-hell kind of … Continue reading

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On the Rocks

We’re having an extreme low tide today at Shilshole Bay/Meadow Point. We are 6 minutes to the lowest tide of the month at -4.1 feet. That means we’re a bit more than 4 feet lower than the mean low tide … Continue reading

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