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New Events!

Indication of how out of touch I’ve been: I only just found out Westercon will be in Seattle this year. So I signed up, but July’s a busy month for me what with the paperback release July 3 and Comic … Continue reading

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Speaking in Tongues

First Portuguese lesson was fun, but hard. I keep stumbling over my pronunciation and trying to remember that most of those S-es (and Zs) sound like “sh”–but only after a vowel–Cs aren’t like French or Italian, but more like English … Continue reading

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Good Stuff in the Shadows….

A few years ago, I was at World Fantasy Convention in San Jose and met an agency-mate named Jon Sprunk. He had just sold his first book and with some nervousness asked me to read it. Which I did. Shadow’s … Continue reading

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Contractual Differences

In the past few weeks and over the last couple of years I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints from writers that basically boil down to “I’m being screwed by a contract clause.” And this isn’t just from new authors … Continue reading

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Things Continue…

Steampunk fairy tale (“The Hollow Hounds”) revision is done and away. Now: proofing the paperback edition of DOWNPOUR. Then onto a New Project (ooo… shiny!)

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SEAWITCH on Schedule

The revised manuscript of SEAWITCH was officially accepted for publication today! Thanks to my beta readers, friends, and family for helping me get this done.

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Class Cap Raised

Hey there, the class cap on my Clarion West One-Day workshop has been raised to 15, so there is still room if you were thinking of going….

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Knowing What You Know

I’mma say this once: “Write what you know” does not mean “write about yourself” (especially not “write about yourself as you wish you were.”) It also does not mean “write about your life” or “write about your kids.” What it … Continue reading

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Buy the Whole Cow!

Pat Rothfuss–a nifty fellow and fellow writer–is wrapping up his Worldbuilders charity drive for Heifer International with an auction post from my friends and partners at the League of Reluctant Adults. Fab swag includes signed books, comics, audio books, and … Continue reading

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SEAWITCH Revision Complete

Except for the spell-check, I’ve just finished the revision of SEAWITCH. Word-count rose from 96,700 to 112,500, but it’s a stronger better story thanks to the help of my editor, Anne Sowards, and my beta readers–especially Mary Robinette Kowal. Now … Continue reading

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Bread-xperiment: Orange Cranberry Pecan

Last night I baked an experimental loaf of Orange Cranberry Pecan bread in the bread machine. I say experimental because the machine’s been temperamental lately, causing most loaves to rise too fast and then fall while baking. Knowing that the … Continue reading

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Workshops Still Open!

In the Blatant Self-Promotion department: Quick reminder that I’m teaching a one-day intensive writing workshop for Clarion West in Seattle next month and there is still space open. There’s also space in Richard Russo’s workshop this coming Sunday, so if … Continue reading

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