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The Writer’s Dog in October

Bella is settling down a bit… but not much. I credit the weather for some of it, since it’s now cool and wet a lot and she doesn’t much like that. We take walks in Golden Gardens and find odd … Continue reading

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Spooky Stuff

Since it’s October, I’ve been thinking about Hallowe’en. When I was a kid, this was always my favorite holiday. You got to go out after dark (yay!), get candy (more yay!), and dress up as someone or something you weren’t … Continue reading

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mom update

Mom is now back home as of last night. Stable and doing better, but her Cancer treatment is now complicated with treatment for Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clots in the leg) as well. Still a lot to do before we … Continue reading

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All bets are off

Not likely to get much done today: Mom’s in the hospital after a problem late last night. Expecting to be a blithering wreck for a while.

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Dog Training Blues….

So… first we tried kibbles, then we moved up to duck jerky, then advanced to Zuke’s Peanut Butter Training treats, but Bella’s still too hard headed to take treats during Growly Dog Class. So tonight… we escalate to stanky Cheddar … Continue reading

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