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My husband is morose….

He’s been having increasing computer woes for months. The new machine he built in June has had problems since the beginning and has now gone through 3 mother boards and 2Gb of additional RAM before it threw a silicon shoe … Continue reading

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One More Thing….

I did get a Christmas present of sorts: author copies of Mean Streets arrived on Dec 23. I shall put my horrid mind to some way to tease you guys into doing silly things to get them. Bwahahaha….

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Christmas, Christmas… will be late

After our fun adventure in shopping yesterday during the lull in the weather, we realized it was two days to Christmas and we’d done nothing and now had no time to do anything. Or at least not much. Make that … Continue reading

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Working, working….

I know I’m the world’s most boring blogger. I just don’t want to say anything that’s going to spoil the book in progress or upset my agent/editor or piss off my husband or… whatever. And I’m snowed in, snowed under, … Continue reading

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White Pre-Christmas

Look what happened last night at the marina! (click on the image to see it large.) Yup, it snowed like the Dickens. About 6 inches, but it’s hard to tell for sure. There was already some snow from Thursday. We … Continue reading

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A Merry Christmas for Mean Streets

Yay! First I have to say "I love Kimberly Swan." Yes I do. She always seems to to say nice things about my books. (I do not know her nor do I pay her, so that’s very cool.) She’s the … Continue reading

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It’s bloody cold in here! It snowed on Saturday. Snowed! In Seattle! This rarely happens and when it does it usually results in a short term freak out, slush, and then a bit of mud, nostalgia and an increase in … Continue reading

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Knee-Deep in Reindeer Guts

Best. Christmas. Present. EVER! Someone likes my short story from Wolfsbane and Mistletoe: They Call Me the Oracle!: Knee-Deep in Reindeer Guts. Yes, I have a “thing” about venison and reindeer…. I am a baaaaad person… But at least I’m … Continue reading

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Free Books!

Who doesn’t need free books for Christmas, hm? Robert Thompson at Fantasy Book Critic is giving away three sets of Simon R. Green’s “Just Another Judgement Day” and “Mean Streets” by Jim Butcher, Simon R. Green, Tom Sniegoski and me! … Continue reading

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Werewolf Contest Winners!

OK, this was incredibly difficult because all the entries were good and very funny. But since I get to be totally subjective and pick the ones I liked the very best, these are they. If you won, even if you … Continue reading

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Gothic Redux!

Holy “Had I but known”! Mrs. Radcliffe rides again! If you’re a fan of Regency romances, gothic fiction, Jane Austen, or early forms of mystery fiction you may already be aware of Ann Radclifef–Mrs. Radcliffe as she was known at … Continue reading

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Contest Reminder

Entries in the “Ten Reasons Werewolves are Better Than…” contest must be in by midnight PST tonight (that’s 08:00 GMT on Wednesday morning if you’re in Britain.) Send your lists to kat(dot)rchrdsn[at]gmail(dot)com and win a personalized copy of Wolfsbane and … Continue reading

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