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Words of Writer Wisdom

My friend Dave Bara–no doubt sick of hearing me whine about revising–sent the following quote from one of his college English Profs, “Every writer must overcome their aversion to their own work.” Thanks, Dave.

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I Speak!

Wanna hear the “real” me? Go listen to my interview with Shaun and Sam at Adventures in SciFi! Very cool folks.

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Free Historic Photos

Yes, my friends, you can get something for nothing. My friend Richenda Fairhurst has uploaded part of her collection of public domain historic postcards of scenes and people in Europe to her site at the Historyfish Photochrom Collection. It’s a … Continue reading

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Tasty New UF Books

Today, Mindy Klasky‘s new book–Sorcery and the Single Girl, a sequel to Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft featuring librarian and witch JaneMadison–is hitting the shelves, and fellow Penguin Group writer Kelly McCullough‘s latest Urban Fantasy, Cybermancy is also out. They’ve both … Continue reading

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Mutant Otter!

So I was browsing the web while cat vacuuming and I found… this Read about the Mutant Sea Otter! (OK, not really so mutant, not really so otter, but we all know what a sucker I am for mustelids, right?)

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They’re at it again

Continuing the theme that spammers are idiots, here’s a piece of screenshot from my spam filter: I couldn’t make these things up.

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A Criminal(ly good) Party

Had a lovely time today in spite of a clinging sinus headache and the overhanging revision of Underground. I trotted down to the Seattle Mystery Bookshop–which is one of my favorite haunts–to meet a thriller author I’ve exchanged e-mail with … Continue reading

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Shiver me timbers!

Tis Talk Like A Pirate Day! Avast there y’swabbies an’ hearken up good! Levity be the order o’ the day. Break out yer (rubber) cutlasses and prepare to make with the “Arr”! Keelhaul yer formal English! Away all boats for … Continue reading

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Go Spainy!

Very pleased to say Spain the Cat is on the mend (and shall be made fun of with pics in the traditional “cone head” collar we hope). Yay, Spain!

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A Cat of a Different Color

In contrast to Spain who is lovely and quite sweet, I present my cat (who is not). He is 19. He is the most cantankerous cat in Ballard–which is going a long way, considering that this is an industrial district … Continue reading

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Support Spain

I’m serious here. My friend Cherie Priest has the world’s wickedest cat: Spain. Spain is not well: Heretic Spire, a Damn Lie – not. funny. (Looks like a rubber band doesn’t it?) So, think good thoughts for Spain the Cat, … Continue reading

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More dumb spam

This just in–and I do mean just into my recently reconfigured e-mailbox: many many spams purporting to come from dissatisfied lovers complaining about their male partner’s male appendage. What’s funny about that? How bout that my mail client shows the … Continue reading

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