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Audible Download of LABYRINTH

Many of you have asked and now I have an answer: the download of LABYRINTH audio book should be available later this week or sometime next week. Thanks for being patient folks! Meanwhile… we actually slept on the new … Continue reading

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Revising a Pace….

I’m so very happy to say I’ve made a big ol’ pile of progress on the revision. It’ll need more going over once I’m done–this is going to be a two-pass revision at the very least–but it’s finally getting done! … Continue reading

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Reindeer Games

[Originally posted: December 23, 2002] It was in a dark and dingy bar, far from the North Pole and obscured from the city’s self-knowledge by a veil of shame and hopelessness. I just came in to use the phone–honest. I … Continue reading

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Long Ago Post #8–Christmas!

Yup, it’s time for me to be really lazy and post something from the good old days. I’ll do more old (and maybe new) Christmas posts as the month continues, but for now I give you–and Nicole Peeler–my take on … Continue reading

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New Boat Coming Soon!

Among other things, we’ve been thinking about getting a bigger boat. Notice I don’t say “a new boat” because we can’t afford a previously-unused vessel larger than a rowing dinghy. But while we were out this past weekend looking, we … Continue reading

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