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Writing Workshop Upcoming

Just in case you know a writer who needs a holiday gift and you just don’t want to give then another blank book or coffee mug, I’ll be teaching a one-day workshop for Clarion West March 5 2017, in Seattle. … Continue reading

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New Project Started

I started a new project today based on an old project I can remember but not find the scraps and notes for. So far it’s weird in ways that make me happy and I did 1,531 words. I shall show … Continue reading

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Submit! (but carefully)

Really, honestly, truly, if you are submitting fiction (or non-fiction) anywhere for any market, follow the submission guidelines as given on the publication’s, publisher’s, agent’s, or editor’s site, to the letter. Otherwise it becomes an excuse to throw your work away … Continue reading

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Chattering at Slippery Words

So… I’m over at Slippery Words today, chattering with Joelle about waiting, writing, social media and a bunch of other writer-things. Come take a peek.

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Writer in Hell

In the course of nine published novels, a novella, about a dozen published shorts, and innumerable unpublished bits and pieces (read: crap and trunk work) I’ve never had a character go rogue on me. I am not one of those … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Matter How Fast You Type…

Well, the novel revision is done and sent and various other projects are moving forward–including the selling of the novel and writing a lot of support materials. But also meeting the obligations of all the short stories I agreed to … Continue reading

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The On-going

I have finally completed the first 50% of the Work in Progress revision. It stands at 75,000 words for this half alone and it’s finally found a title. While I think it’s much better than the rough draft, it’s still … Continue reading

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Writer’s Disease

I am suffering from a relative of “Book Hangover”–that inability to start a new book because you’re still lingering in the world of the last one. See: I’m trying to work after almost two months of being unable to (and … Continue reading

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Stuff Continues…

At the moment I’m revising the SF Thriller and I’ve just completed my ridiculously complicated transportation reservations for World Fantasy Convention (in Washington DC) and Bouchercon (in Long Beach) next month. After that, I have some medical stuff to attend … Continue reading

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Job’s Done… for now

So, I’ve finished. The first draft of the by-now-infamous Science Fiction police thriller Work in Progress is done. 140,718 words of which I did 6,662 today. Now if I can just figure out how to get Scrivener to stop calling … Continue reading

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Thus Endeth

Well… the final proof of Revenant is done. I need to scan the pages with errors and compile them into a pdf to send to my editor tonight, but it’s done. Of course I find things about the way the … Continue reading

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Panic Mode–On!

Ack! The copyedit has landed and it’s due back in 2 weeks! Ack! All other projects–including the taxes–will be put on hold until this beast is off my desk (this CE seems to have trodden lightly on my prose, happily … Continue reading

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