Sooo… last week we went with some friends to see Ratatouille. It was fun! What’s not to like? It’s a film about a cute rat. It’s about the value of friendship and family, it’s about following your dream and it’s about Food! Oh yes, there’s some lovely food references going on in this lovely, goofy stew of a film from Pixar and I do recommend it, even if you don’t have kids. I had a sinus headache and I still laughed and had a great time.

Afterward, we retired to Mike and Chris’s place for a dinner of… yes, ratatouille. And boeuf bourguignon and salad, and wine and bread with delicious tarts for dessert. It was quite lovely, even if I had to forgo champagne and wine to avoid making my headache worse.

And so, tonight as I’m getting ready for dinner, I realize that the zucchini I was going to grill alongside the andouille sausages won’t fit on the tiny grill–doing nine sausages so I’ll have some for jambalaya later in the week and some for Jim to take to work for lunch adds up to no room on the grill for anything else. So I figured I’d just have to microwave them. Bland, but… meh, whatever. And then I think, “Hey… maybe some quick-and-dirty ratatouille…” but all I have is the zucchini. My garlic and onion went all “plant me!” a while ago and I forgot to get more and I don’t have any eggplant–since I hate the stuff–or peppers in the boat.

I ended up with Mouse-atouille–’cause it wasn’t big and fancy enough to be a rat. And it was pretty damned good.

So in honor of Cherie Priest’s recent recipe posting, I give you:

Merely Mouse-atouille

3 small-to-medium zucchini
a 14-oz can of diced Italian style tomatoes (with basil, oregano and garlic)

Wash and chop the zucchinni into biggish cubes or rounds as you prefer.
Throw into a microwave-safe pot that has a lid
Open the can of diced tomatoes and dump over the zucchini and cover with the lid
Microwave the zucchini and tomato mess, stirring once in a while to keep it all goopy. My tiny microwave takes 10-12 minutes on High, stirring every 4 minutes, but yours is probably not as wimpy.
When the zucchini is no longer hard, but yields to a fork without being totally slatternly about it, remove from microwave and set aside for a few minutes with the lid off (to dispell the excess steam and moisture.)
Pour off excess liquid so the tomatoes and zucchini are only a wading, not swimming.
A touch of salt and pepper is nice, but not required and the taste is lovely.

And now… back to work–I’m at 81,100 of projected 100,000 words….


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