I just finished the penultimate chapter of Underground–current word count: 94,817. Now all that remains is the final chapter with confrontation and resolution and the epilogue which is usually very short and probably not necessary, but… some people like them and I don’t mind. Besides, it balances with the prelude in front. I spent some really weird time doing research for this one, as with Poltergeist, so I’ll probably be doing and Author’s Afterward on that, but at least the end is in sight. And for some reason I feel sad and stressed about that.

Maybe it’s pre-post-paragraph depression….

Ironically, the cover design is already set for execution. This one will be red. But not as Chiwetel Ejiofor said in Sexy Boots, “Rrreeeeed! The color of SEX!” more like “kind of brick, y’know… the color of… well, bricks.” Con spiriti insancti.


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5 Responses to Penultimate

  1. Levi says:

    I have Poltergeist at B&N. Just wondering Have you seen or read any book of the Dresden Files?

  2. It’s out already? Neat!

    Oh yes, I’ve read the first few Dresdens, but I got busy and had to stop. I actually AVOID most of the books in my niche since I don’t want to inadvertently crib someone else’s stuff–I tend to read other Fantasy, SF or Mystery instead. But, I’ve met Jim Butcher and he’s a marvelous storyteller in person, too–if you ever have a chance to attend a reading of his, GO! He gives great Author.

  3. Levi says:

    I mean Reserved, I hate to type with a cold

  4. Ahhh… OK. Still cool though.

    I type with a cold or sinus problem frequently, so I sympathize.

  5. Xpopher says:

    Penultimate. What a good word. What’s the word for “the third to last thing in a series?”

    “Landlord, pour me my penultimate beer, I have to leave in a half hour.”

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