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I have me a new motorcycle! (OK, used, but new to me!) Feast your peepers on my 1989 Honda Hawk (NT650 GT). It’s so cute! And by total coincidence (yes, it is, you snide beastie, you) it matches my helmet … Continue reading

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A real Jen Jordan moment

Sometimes you really should think twice before you Google. Thus have I found a mullet to end all mullet. This one’s for you, Jen, you wicked woman.

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OK, yeah, this is a spoiler. I have been struggling along with several things on this latest ms and just got over one big one: my first “on screen” sex scene. No, I’m not going to tell you who or … Continue reading

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Summmmmer, without doubt

I was down in Pike Place Market today to meet up with a relative. After various things and getting him pointed at a cyber cafe and his shuttle to his hotel, I headed back home and thought I’d do a … Continue reading

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Perhaps too much of a good thing?

Yes, OK, I like bacon, but NPR’s Six Weird Ways of Makin’ Bacon may be just a bit much. I mean, really: bacon candles?

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