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Of Rum, Winter, and Wild-ass Insanity

I have just been refreshing my memory about the Battle of Trenton December 26th 1776–you know the famous “Washington Crossing the Delaware” thing? It’s a freaking miracle they made it: It’s mid-winter and one of the coldest the Americans have … Continue reading

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Long Ago Post #4

I’ve occasionally talked about wanting to write a story about a High School librarian who wants to be a superhero. Well, here’s the germ from which that particular sickness came…. My Own Private Ida-Know Originally posted: July 16, 2003 My … Continue reading

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Long Ago Post #3

Once again, time to dig through the old post bin and find something amusing from back when CSS didn’t have a “2” and HTML hadn’t yet developed and X in front. Here is me, back in 2002, muttering about holidays. … Continue reading

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Long Ago Post #2

It’s time for another bit of ancient webbery from the Kat Litter box! Continuing were we left off, this is from June of 2002 and a friend of mine who has since gone on to have many adventures with cake … Continue reading

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Long Ago Posts #1

Long ago, back about… 2001-2003, I had a website. Back before the word “blog” was coined. Back when we called them “web logs” and “web journals” and just “my goofy-damned web site.” So, because I’m a lazy blogger and some … Continue reading

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Time Flies….

… like an arrow (and fruit flies like a banana.) Tomorrow is my friend Ken George’s birthday (no I don’t remember or care how old he is.) Ken is the guy who got me started with my first “weblog” back … Continue reading

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Lying, F-ing Lying, and Creative Non-fiction

Fair warning: this is me ranting. I’m not intending to be polite, nice, reasonable, or even accurate, but at least I’m going to tell you so first and I’m going to go on for a good long while below the … Continue reading

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Knee-Deep in Reindeer Guts

Best. Christmas. Present. EVER! Someone likes my short story from Wolfsbane and Mistletoe: They Call Me the Oracle!: Knee-Deep in Reindeer Guts. Yes, I have a “thing” about venison and reindeer…. I am a baaaaad person… But at least I’m … Continue reading

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The Last of the Guest Blog

Today is my last day blogging for Penguin. Here’s the beginning of the final Kat-Blog (click the excerpt to read the whole thing): “Where do you get your ideas?” There’s a question many writers dread. Not because they order them … Continue reading

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Pengui-blog #2

A couple of my writer friends really hate used bookstores. Some of them even hate libraries…. And so begins my second day blogging at the Roc/Ace blog. Read the whole entry, if you can stand it.

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First Pengui-blog Post

Thus begins my first guest-blogger post at the Roc/Ace SFF blog: I never would have expected it, but the most common question I get about Harper’s world is “why doesn’t she have a cell phone in Greywalker?” To read the … Continue reading

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Not the Day from Hell…

But definitely a day in Purgatory. At 07:30 local, Mr. Kat’s alarm goes off. Which I try to ignore, but can’t. Just as I am rolling over to try and go back to sleep, I hear Dexter the ferret crawling … Continue reading

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