Tonight youse sleeps wid de flowers

OK, this is just weird. I’m walking home from the grocery with a bag of cat food and cookies and as I pass the Cafe near the marina, I see a woman walking around and looking at the planter in front–I think she took a picture of something–then she gets in the passenger side of a car and goes away. So I pause and look into the planter.

There’s a young man lying face down in the planter. He looks like he’s sleeping–he’s breathing–but he doesn’t respond when I say “Hey, are you alright?”

Now, I’m a bit nervous of bracing strange men (y’know, female, middle aged, out of shape, in an industrial neighborhood, at dusk) so I go inside and put down my groceries and tell my husband what I’ve seen. We decide I should call the cops. So I do, but I walk out with my cell phone to be sure it’s not a hoax and to make sure I know the address. The guy’s still there.

I call 911–’cause that’s what you have to do–and after a bit of triage, end up explaining to the medics that I’m not sure this is an emergency, but since the man has no sleeping gear or other stuff with him and the planter is not particularly comfortable–he’s lying on a brick internal divider with his face resting on the brick and his feet in tw0 different sections of the planter–I thought I’d better call, just in case he’s injured or drunk or something. The medic says that’s fine and he’ll send someone. So I head back inside, figuring I’ll put the phone down.

The medics arrive while I’m still in the boat and they leave again–with the siren on–before I can get back up to find out what’s up with the guy.

Now, either he was gone by the time they arrived–which I doubt–or they recognized a problem I didn’t and hustled him off to the hospital ASAP. Either way… kind of creepy.

People shouldn’t sleep in planters.

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  1. Levi says:

    Well gives a whole new meaning to pot head, I am sorry for the bad Pun some times I just can not help my self.

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