Sometimes things work out

Like… I’m sending the [spoiler] into the marsh which I have figured for a cool location for a chase and fight scene and I think “wouldn’t it be cool if there really was some connection to the local Indians [more spoiler]?” but of course, that would be silly, right?

Well… no. As it happens, I’m reading up on the location because I don’t know the name of the second island in the marsh. The big one is Foster but what’s the other one? Well, it turns out it’s “Marsh”–how original to have Marsh Island in the marsh–and there in the blither about how the water level changed after the locks were built is the note that–lucky me!–there used to be a group of local Indians who lived in the area and they used Marsh and Foster islands as burial grounds and sacred sites. Whoohooo! Score!

Research rocks.


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4 Responses to Sometimes things work out

  1. Levi says:

    Wetlands, are fun just watch out for the Werewolves, just like vampires love the cities, Werewolves like the woods and the small towns. Remember there are more things that bump in the night but there are some who bump back (lol think that is some what like a line from Hellboy)

  2. ElaineG says:

    I call that more than serendipity. I’ve got an ongoing backburner project that I’ve been researching in the same way. One day I woke up with a foreign phrase in my head that, once googled, revealed some really interesting and obscure stuff I never would have found otherwise. If I could only get winning lottery numbers that way ….

  3. Levi says:

    Same here With winning lottery numbers.

  4. Michael Ehart says:

    I’d like to win the lottery again, but likely it would just end in tears like last time, frittered away on pink mansions and floor-to-ceiling paintings of Elvis on velvet. I do miss the Veuve Clicot and diet 7-up wine coolers, though.

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