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The Onion Whisperer!

Oh those naughty people at the Onion! Looky what they did: Being A Detective Who Talks To Ghosts Not As Exciting As It Looks On TV You’d think they’d been peeking over my shoulder and taking notes! I am laughing … Continue reading

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Grammar Crackers

A friend sent me this. It cracks me up (click to see it in its large glory)! And–my god! It’s only three days until Book Day! (Although I’m informed by the marvelous Joshua Palmatier that he’s already spotted Underground at … Continue reading

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Large Particle Physics: Keepin it real, makin it fresh

This is making me laugh my physics-groupie ass off. It appears a few physics freaks at Cern have made the CERN Rap on Vimeo–a cheesey and delightful bit of silliness explaining the large hadron collider and basic particle physics in … Continue reading

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Noir Quote of the Week!

This post is from the discussion of The Dark Knight that’s currently going on at my favorite noir reading list. While I haven’t seen the film yet, the quote just makes me pleased as Punch: I think that the idea … Continue reading

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Office Supply Lust

Since it keeps coming up lately, I’ve decided to have my first ever Poll over on my LJ, since I don’t know how to make one here. Go take the Office Supply Lust Poll!

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More Lepus

If you want to read the funniest rip on a bad film ever–or at least on Night of the Lepus–hit the recap at You won’t be able to stop laughing, especially at such zingers as “giant toupees wrestling with … Continue reading

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Why does this amuse me?

Starry-starry night… of the Lepus!!! And the glossary of bad movie terms. Oh the joy!

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Oh Teh Noes!!

It’s been so hot in Seattle that giant red octopi are crawling onto boats looking for food!! *Dexter’s tail is a little hairless due to adrenaloma–normally ferret’s tails are furry.

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Maybe Not….

According to the Superhero quiz: You are Supergirl Supergirl 70% Spider-Man 65% Green Lantern 65% Wonder Woman 60% The Flash 60% Robin 50% Hulk 50% Catwoman 50% Iron Man 50% Batman 45% Superman 40% Lean, muscular and feminine. Honest and … Continue reading

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Books of Fury!

Do you love books? I’ll bet you don’t love them as much as Buddhist Monkey does in Happy Tree Friends’ Books of Fury. (Warning: cartoon violence and gore.) *Thanks to the evil Jeff (aka: Motorcycle Man, Voice of Sunday Funnies, … Continue reading

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Penguin Blogging

No, this is not a plug for the Linux operating system. Just a note that I’ll be the guest blogger at Penguin’s Roc/Ace SFF blog all next week. And since I take the blogging so very seriously–as you know–I’m writing … Continue reading

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Not the Day from Hell…

But definitely a day in Purgatory. At 07:30 local, Mr. Kat’s alarm goes off. Which I try to ignore, but can’t. Just as I am rolling over to try and go back to sleep, I hear Dexter the ferret crawling … Continue reading

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