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A Stout Lamb….

Tonight’s culinary experiment is: Slow Cooker Stout Lamb Stew! 2 pounds lamb, cubed 2 bottles (24 oz total) stout (Deschutes Obsidian Stout in this case) 1.5 pounds small, whole red  or “new” potatoes, cleaned (any small, waxy potato will do, … Continue reading

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Soup Cookery–Tomato

Today I made tomato soup from (almost) scratch. Modified this recipe just a little: I did it on the stove top instead of the crockpot. I didn’t use the additional cheese, and I substituted heavy cream for the milk, since … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2013

Traded jobs with Hubby today. So because of ferry delays I drove the 2 hours to fetch my mom and then 2 hours back home with her. Mr. Kat started the standing rib roast while I was on the road. … Continue reading

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Weekend Update: Sept 22, 2013

No luck yet on the dog front, but I’ll be calling the shelter tomorrow to find out about a couple of dogs who were “not yet available” for various reasons this weekend. Keeping fingers crossed on that front. Broke the … Continue reading

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Absorbing Culture One Meal at a Time

Portugese-style Sausage and Kale Soup This is adapted from the Sopa de Panela recipe at Portuguese I have a small saucepan so I had to cut down and adapt a lot, while still shooting for the same general flavor … Continue reading

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Coming Along

The posts went up for the fence today and we’ll get the rest of the cement pour done tomorrow, so there may be an enclosed, secure yard for Bella to romp in within a week. It’s taken a lot to … Continue reading

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I think I just invented a drink… The attempt was to take the basic Hirshfield or “Tootsie Roll” and see if I could make it more… spicy. So I tried adding some cinnamon whiskey and a touch of cayenne and … Continue reading

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The Zombies are Coming!

I make a damn fine zombie cocktail if I say so myself–well, ok more of a walking dead since I cheat horribly: First wash a lime–I’m serious: mold and dirt on citrus peels really ruins your drink and can introduce … Continue reading

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Food for Thought (or just weight gain)

While I was waiting for the Whooping Cough prescriptions to be filled last week, I went to Cupcake Royale/Verite Coffee in Ballard and had this: Ahhh.. the Irish influence….

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Bread-xperiment: Orange Cranberry Pecan

Last night I baked an experimental loaf of Orange Cranberry Pecan bread in the bread machine. I say experimental because the machine’s been temperamental lately, causing most loaves to rise too fast and then fall while baking. Knowing that the … Continue reading

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Cookery: Bean Soup the long way

So… Mr. Kat is concerned with food that is easy and nutritious and can be made in large amounts and kept by canning or freezing. Hey, we live on a boat and sometimes you need to have food that you … Continue reading

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The Little Porker that Wallowed in Mead (not Richelle)

So here is the first recipe I tried with my new crockpot, because I had an old bottle of mead that was on the verge of going sour, but was still good enough to drink, but not to be drunk … Continue reading

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