Bad Heater! No Waffles!

Oh today is not so happy as yesterday: refurbished heating system threw some kind of strange fit at 3:30 a.m. this morning and fired off the boiler continually for half an hour–very noisily–raising the temp in the boat to about 80F. Mr. Kat had to shut it down manually. This morning it would not come back on and I woke with a hangover type of headache and feeling like shit. This does not please me.

Mr. Kat currently attempting to isolate the problem while on the phone with the installer. Thankful I still have my little room heater in the office and it’s not either pouring rain or below freezing today.

On the other hand, I’m now apparently the origin of a favorite quote, “… no waffles for you!”, much used in the home of some very old friends and this makes me giggle.


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4 Responses to Bad Heater! No Waffles!

  1. Rae says:

    And it was all going so well …

  2. Art Boulton says:

    So that’s where I got the “… no waffles for you!” We have a family tradition of Waffles on Sunday, but if you do something wrong, it’s “No waffles for you!” 😀

    Sorry to hear about the heating, hopefully its fixed now or soon will be.

  3. Probably Wednesday, which sucks, but… watchagonnado?

  4. Miss Bliss says:

    Aw man…I sure hope that boiler starts behaving.

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