The Current State of the Kat….

I’m slightly drunk and very tired…. I should be working, but am thinking: “I could take an antihistamine and go to bed… yeah….” And I am feeling a bit strange about the things I’m writing…. This is going to be one weird mo-fo book…. I currently have shapeshifting otters plotting an attack on evil merfolk and the small problem of the 137 ghosts of a historic shipwreck wanting some pay-back.

The noise of the finally-functional boiler is LOUD and foreign and I have “mommy ears,” which cause me to wake up instantly at any unfamiliar sound in my boat, so last night was not restful. It was warm however. I need to re-make the bed to reflect the warmer state of the cabin, since we pretty much don’t need the electric blanket or the extra layer, now (what a *ridiculous* problem to have.) The floors are warm and, for the first time since I started living on a boat thirteen years ago, I am not waking up feeling cold, clammy, or cramped. Soon the last of the dust in the vents and the moisture in the under-deck will be gone and I may actually stop having sinus-triggered migraines every time the barometric pressure changes or the allergens spike.

Thank you Penguin, for paying me for more books so I could afford to pay the shipwright/carpenter/systems dude who came and made it work. Not cheap, but SOooooo worth it.

Now we just need to get the shower sump fixed, update the 12-volt system, and do a LOT of wood, varnish, deck, and cosmetic work and our 55-year-old classic will be up to snuff.

When our friends tease us about how a “boat is only a wood-lined hole in the water in which to pour money,” I think of their houses and condos and think “but when I hate my neighbors… I take my home AND LEAVE.” Whenever I think I don’t like living on a boat I just think of this.

Now, if I could just reclaim my friends who’ve wandered away during my distraction and depression, and get my mom squared away…..


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  1. SharonS says:

    After reading this I have decided I could NEVER be a boat person unless I had lots of money . Waking up cold, clammy and cramped every morning? You are a much stronger person than I . Congrats on getting the advance on your books for a multitude of reasons:)

    It is amazing what getting comfortable sleep (once you get use to the noises) will do for you. Hoping for better days ahead for you and your family (that include the little hellion)

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