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My pseudonym, K. R. Richardson, has had a good day. This turned up on Friday at Publisher’s Marketplace (I’m told–I didn’t see it) and a shorter version appeared today at Quill & Quire: K. R. Richardson’s novel SCATTERED OBJECTS, a … Continue reading

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Chapbookery (Using Cheap Impostor)

I decided to create a small chapbook of a short Greywalker story that I did back in 2007, so I’d have something to take to Bellingham Comic Con. So, I’m relearning how to impose and mock up a small booklet. … Continue reading

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Back to “Normal”

So, now that the holidays are over and the manuscript is turned in, my next job was to undecorate the Christmas tree, store the ornaments and lights, clean up, and bring the second chair back down to the library from … Continue reading

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Finally: Updates!

I finally have updates on the Greywalker Novels page with info about Possession! There’s even an excerpt… and the book has a sneak preview of the write-up from Kirkus Reviews–which was very nice, thank you! Next I need to update … Continue reading

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A Bad Situation for Writers

I’m sure you guys know I rarely talk about “the business.” I think about it a lot, but I rarely manage to say the things I have on my mind before someone like John Scalzi, Jim C. Hines, Charles Stross … Continue reading

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Three Things, They Say…

… Make a blog post. So here are my three today: First, the Murder and Mayhem in Muskego anthology can now be purchase via Barnes and Noble and Amazon. So you have no excuse not to get one. For Giftmas! … Continue reading

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Quality Above Price

“Quality matters more than ever.”– M.J. Rose on e-book pricing and writing from “Are eBooks Too Cheap” at the Huffington Post. Now that we’ve survived the initial euphoric rush of the new market, we come back to the essentials: you … Continue reading

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Author on Autopilot…

I’ve been slaving over a hot plot synopsis for the past few days (no, not for the next Greywalker novel). It’s not quite done but I am. My brain is cheese and my eyes are watering and although I can … Continue reading

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Oatmeal Dog

Well, I was going to post a Daily Dog, but this cartoon from The Oatmeal is just too good. So My Dog: The Paradox is today’s Daily dog. In the meantime, however, I’m working on my workshop materials for Friday’s … Continue reading

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Innocent Bella….

“What? Who? Me?” Bella tries to look innocent in the pilothouse when we all know she really wants to go out and bark at the workmen on the boat next door while Mr. Kat is on a conference call. Since … Continue reading

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Contractual Differences

In the past few weeks and over the last couple of years I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints from writers that basically boil down to “I’m being screwed by a contract clause.” And this isn’t just from new authors … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2011… y’bastard

This is incredibly long so if you don’t want to read it I’ll understand…. Well, 2011 is going out with an apologetic giggle and a pratfall–which is much better than the a lot of the year has been. Ah… my … Continue reading

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