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Today I finally snatched the car back from Mr. Kat and was able to get out of the boat, buy groceries, and run some errands, including picking up the mail. Much to my pleasure, I had ARCs of Vanished waiting … Continue reading

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to all of you for your kind words about Taz. It’s pretty rough, seeing the empty space where the cage was. My husband and I have had pets all our lives except for a period when I was in college … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Taz

The last of our ferrets died today. Now we are petless. I feel horrible

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Recent Reads update

Once again I’ve updated the list on my Recent Reading tab. If you want to snoop what I’ve been perusing, take a look.

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TitleZ: Useful or just more time-eating?

My husband sent me this link to TitleZ: Book trends for publishers today. Looks interesting–and it’s free to use while in beta–but I wonder… is it really useful in the long run? Does Amazon tracking data really show me anything … Continue reading

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