So, today’s first order of business was laundry and then finding accommodations for Saturday night. Both accomplished! Then a bit of research on the area so I can optimize our time there (oh, hello, Upper Valley Museum…). Heading out early in the morning for what was once called Icicle Flats but is now the mock-Bavarian town of Leavenworth. Home of many festivals, German food (yum!), and lots of fruit trees. Luckily for Mr. Kat, even though the Wenatchee Valley is wine country, there’s plenty of beer and even a shop called “The Cheesemonger” for his delectable delectation. We’re not staying anywhere fancy, since most of the B&Bs and lodges require two-day bookings on weekends, but there certainly are a lot of nice-sounding places to loll about and watch the rivers roll by, or stare out into the pear and apple orchards and have a glass of something cool. Hopefully this shan’t be as benighted a trip as the Mother’s Day circumnavigations were… The directions, at least, are a little more straightforward, and I think I’m less likely to misplace an entire town that straddles US Highway 2. I hope….

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5 Responses to Icicle-bound

  1. micheal hunt says:

    off topic, but what happened to your website?

  2. Ummm… is it not there? It should be….

  3. oh… my… someone forgot to pay for the domain.

  4. micheal hunt says:

    ah…that’s happened to me before. hehe. I take it as an indication of a good trip…

  5. It was a pleasant trip and we got the info I was looking for.

    And the domain thing has been fixed so that should be OK.

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