Trotting Off

Today is an Author Day for me: I’m meeting up with some fans this afternoon at Seattle Mystery Bookshop, then off to dine/coffee with them, and then an evening at the Pike Brewing Company Pub with Charles Stross and whoever turns up.

This weekend, the NOOD regatta is taking over our marina. Mr. Kat was all excited about a "nude" regatta until he found out it meant "National Offshore One Design"–which means everyone is competing in the same type of boat so it’s the most technical and competative sort of team-against-team sailing where the boat and the equipment don’t make the difference–people do.  So I’m thinking the thing to do is Get the Hell Out of Dodge.  So I am considering that this weekend is the one to drive out to Leavenworth and do some research for Book 5.  I’m not sure how my dicey leg will hold up on the drive, but anything’s gotta be better than being overrun by sail racers–they aren’t a bad lot, but this is a high profile event, so it’s going to be swamped and this is not, in fact, a marina with great facilities for an overflow of people (just think of the sewage problems….).  the marina is expecting 500 extra people, but with 200 boats registered and everyone has a crew and friends, and there will be vendors and sponsors and reporters and video crewes… I think 500 is going to be a serious underestimate.  I don’t even know where they are going to put that many boats and trailers.  The dry yard is already chock-full and only about half those boats are the right class.  The north end of the marina, near Golden Gardens Park, is looking a bit like an ant hill already….


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