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Down the Executive Orders Rabbit Hole

Just because I wanted to know, as of 17:30 Eastern Time yesterday (Saturday, January 28, 2017) Trump had signed 15 Executive Orders (“EOs”). That’s a first-week-in-office record, but not by a lot (Obama held the previous record with 13 in … Continue reading

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Outlet of the Research Rabbit Hole: I’ve been looking at a lot of material about the Great Depression of the 1930s and one of the interesting things I’ve discovered is that Herbert Hoover–who is sometimes called one of the worst … Continue reading

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The Old Thesaurus

So… I’ve been working on a story that’s set during Prohibition and part of it takes place during World War 1. When I was looking up a word for a friend I realized I had the book and that it’s … Continue reading

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Clockworks in Wineglasses

No, really: A fellow in Poland made this by hand–right down to cutting and shaping the gears by hand. Yes, that’s a standard wine glass, not a giant one. Thanks to my husband for the original link from Make magazine. … Continue reading

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Searching for the Lady of the Lake

Doing research for Greywalker #6, I’ve been looking into the Legend of the Lady of the Lake. But she is no legend. Hallie Latham Illingworth really lived, and died, at Lake Crescent and her saponified body rose to the surface … Continue reading

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Kat Goes Forth (and back and forth and back….)

So… after the Friday from Hell, things are much improved. Looks as if the bookmarks will be redone in time thanks to the fabulous Thing One and Thing Two agreeing to play bookmark shepherds while I’m out in the wilds … Continue reading

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Scene of the (fictional) Crime… Perhaps

So yesterday I did a little location checking and ended up moving an event in the WIP from an anonymous parking lot in Lake City to a much creepier location: the old Seattle Malting and Brewing Company buildings on Airport … Continue reading

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Medieval Friends

I just noticed that I have two friends who are both into things medieval. Well, OK they aren’t my only friends who are and I had known this before, but they are certainly the ones who stand out from my … Continue reading

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So, today’s first order of business was laundry and then finding accommodations for Saturday night. Both accomplished! Then a bit of research on the area so I can optimize our time there (oh, hello, Upper Valley Museum…). Heading out early … Continue reading

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News on the Philip Front

Back in 2004 when I was finishing up the research on Poltergeist, I spent some time trying to find the original “Man Alive!” footage and home films of the Philip sessions that the original New Horizons/Toronto Psychichal Research Society participated … Continue reading

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GoogleMap is my friend and so is the UK

I’ve been working out the scenes for Book 4 in which Harper deals with her mother (the horrid) and takes a look at her old home town. Which has changed a bit since I last spent any time out there. … Continue reading

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London Travelogue, Day the Second

So, after rising from our squeaky bed and taking showers in the large, but inconveniently shelfless shower, Mr. Kat and I head out for brekkie, which is finally had at a little sandwich shop called the Gran Sasso on Caledonian … Continue reading

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