PUPdate: Bella Romps Free!

I’m so happy! Bella played with other dogs today, off leash, in the big yard at the dog park!

This doesn’t sound unusual until you realize that when we got her in June she couldn’t even see another dog without either freaking out and jumping at them or freezing and staring with her LazerVizion O’ Hate(tm). Today wasn’t perfect–we had to wait for just the right number and mix of dogs and she was a little too rough with one dog, wanting to wrestle when the other didn’t and wanting to spend more time with the other owners than the dogs–but she actually sniffed and played and hung out and didn’t pick a fight or hurt anyone or cause any problems or get hurt herself. I watched her run around with a French Bulldog named Tank and a gigantic mixed breed named Moby (yes, after the whale–he’s that big) and have a good time and I almost want to cry I’m so happy for her.

This is so fantastic–such great progress for her and hopefully a great start to more fun with other dogs.


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2 Responses to PUPdate: Bella Romps Free!

  1. SharonS says:

    Tank is such a cool name for a French bulldog, lol. Congrats on the progress 🙂

  2. Miss Bliss says:

    Yay for the pup and for you guys too. More playing in the future for everyone.

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