The Writer’s Dog in January

So… it’s snowing in Seattle which is unusual. And Bella, so far as we know, has never seen snow before since she’s only three and I don’t recall that we’ve had snow in the city in about that many years. It does look pretty, but as a Seattleite, it’s also treacherous since there will be no snow plowing down to the marina–its at the base of a hill, and not economically important. So I walked the dog up to the off-leash dog park this morning:

Snowy Fenceline

Snow clings to the fence and blackberries at the dog park

and she was the only dog there. Good thing she found a stick to play with, yeah?

Big Snow Stick

Bella has found a stick in the snow....

Bella thinks the whole snow thing is a bit strange, but at least she can find the ground if she digs hard enough….

Nobel Bella 2

Bella finds the ground under the snow

And of course, trees are the best for making one look noble and cool:


Bella finds a tree to pose in front of

Yes, the dog is too cute to live. And currently napping in front of the heater after her hard day in the snow. We’ll see what happens tomorrow….


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4 Responses to The Writer’s Dog in January

  1. Jerri says:

    She’s so cute! My newest grand -puppy took about 1 minute to decide he was lovin’ it the first time he went out – but when the snow got deep enough to reach his nether parts, he freaked and wouldn’t “do his business” so now when the grandkids shovel, they have to shovel him a private little spot… LOL

  2. R. K. MacPherson says:

    “They may take our chew toys, but they’ll never take our freedom!” -Bella Wallace

  3. Cathy says:

    Awww…gives a whole new meaning to puppy playtime. Looks like she had fun in the snow.

  4. So far, she thinks it’s pretty nifty, at least partially (I suspect) because she can’t tell where the sidewalk is so she doesn’t have to “walk nicely.”

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