PUPdate: Benched!

We’ve been directed by her vet to “bench” Bella for the next three weeks (no running, long walks, or jumping around) to reduce inflammation of the muscles in the elbow and shoulder of her right foreleg. Needless to say, this is not meeting with her approval and her toys are taking it in the neck.


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2 Responses to PUPdate: Benched!

  1. poor baby. Our next door neighbor has a black lab and when it was about 6 months old he jumped in an empty bathtub and ended up having pins and such put into his back leg. Had to stay in a crate for 6 weeks, only let out to potty! Invest in lots of chew toys, hope she gets better quickly 🙂

  2. My dog has a injured paw right now and is not enjoying it either. I can’t walk him and he’s dying to get out of the house, poor guys

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