New Day, New Year, New ‘Tude

I want to say thank you for the amazing and positive response to yesterday’s post. It wasn’t meant to be a whine so much as a chance to let the crap out and send it on its way elsewhere. Last night we attended a party at the home of some wonderful friends and threw the list of “stuff that sucked out loud” on the bonfire. Now it is gone and I’m ready to get into the new year.

Yup, I woke with a hangover (just a mild one in spite of lots of champagne) and then I had waffles and coffee with my husband, walked the dog and am now contemplating playing computer games all day before starting the next writing project tomorrow or Tuesday–a Steampunk fairytale for an anthology (CLOCKWORK FABLES to be released by Penguin later this year)! So, while 2011 may have been a year of “sucktacular fuckery,” I intend to make 2012 a noisy kick-ass party of a year (cuz it’s a Dragon Year and as we know, dragons know how to par-tay!)


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4 Responses to New Day, New Year, New ‘Tude

  1. SharonS says:

    I like the bonfire idea! Might have to get my two girls involved with that one šŸ™‚

  2. It’s a lovely tradition. Lots of tears, and laughter, and it feels wonderful to throw the bad past away and share the good stuff with friends.

  3. vulpes says:

    Relax, enjoy your time, and thanks for all the books!!!

  4. I like that plan! Good luck!

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