Hardcover: Get It While It Lasts

I’ve just discovered that limited supplies of Underground in hardcover are on clearance sale at B&N.com for the shocking price of $3.59. Yeah that’s right–about half the price of the soon-to-be released paperback edition. So if you’ve been holding out to get the book at a price you can’t refuse, this is it. Grab it while you can.

Disclaimer: I don’t make much off discount books and I don’t have a B&N associates account, so I don’t get a kickback on this link. This is strictly a service for you guys who want the hardcover but can’t afford it at full price. Discount books of this sort are often “hurt” books with some cosmetic defects, but they are still first edition hardcovers and if the defect is mild enough it won’t affect the readability of the book.


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