Binky Has a Drinky

My tiny teddy bear, Binky the Dinky, has discovered Adult Beverages. Mostly he is attracted by the shiny bottles and anything sweet. See the photos of Binky and his Drinky….

This bottle of Elderflower liqueur seems to fit that bill.

St Germain Elderflower liquor

Binky wants to know what this stuff is….

What's that you're pouring?

Binky takes a sniff… “It smells like Flowers! Really, really strong flowers….”

Binky would like a drink, so..

He dives in:

I'm goin' in!

On reflection, Binky thinks the Elderflowers need some vodka….

Needs vokda

Well… OK, Binky… Binky supervises the pour….

Pour it on!

Binky is a generous fellow and wants to share with his friend Rocket. “Here, Rocket, give this a try!”

Try this

Rocket is not sure about this….

rocket's not sure about his stuff....

“Ack!” Poor Rocket thinks he has been poisoned. “Oh, Rocket! Are you all right?”

Tastes like Rocket fuel!

“Oh… he’s asleep. I guess I’ll have to finish it myself….” *glug, glug*

Hrm…Looks like some people had too much to drink.

hungover stuffies

Moral: Teddies shouldn’t pick flowers–at least not the alcoholic kind.


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6 Responses to Binky Has a Drinky

  1. Cynthia says:


  2. Mr. Yuk says:

    And I thought I went to great lengths to avoid work… *wink*

  3. Pogonip says:

    TTB Protective Services may be coming to call. This is a clear case of Contributing to the Dependency of TTBs, a very serious offense. Demon Rum is just the first step on that road to depravity and moral collapse.

  4. I think that bear was pretty delinquent when I got him. And I notice no one is worried about poor Rocket. Or that the teddy is apparently under the influence of literary vampires (how was I supposed to know Chelsey Quinn Yarboro’s character was making the hard stuff?)

    I’m taking the Fifth (any fifth.)

  5. Mummy Bear says:

    Hepcat wants to know why he wasn’t invited to this party, but then he is not very fond of drinking things that look & smell more like perfume than booze. He gave that up when he got out of the bin, where he had no choice.

  6. We never invite Hepcat because when he gets looped he sits on the deck and shouts “Go, Daddy-O!” at all the dinghies.

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