Writing in England

Still more of me babbling about Vanished. This time it’s my author’s note for the UK Edition which is now up at the Piatkus/Little Brown site.

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9 Responses to Writing in England

  1. hagelrat says:

    refinanced. Then ordered my copy of Vanished from amazon because god knows when my stupid rubbish waterstones will get it and they’ll only shove it in paranormal romance anyways because they are morons and shouldn’t be allowed. *and breathe* anyway point is awesome book arrives soon!

  2. Hey! Carol and I are mentioned in an Author’s Note! Yay! Which isn’t in the book, right?

    So now we have to print out the note thousands of times and hunt Vanished through the bookshops of the UK…

  3. I believe you are in the acknowledgments, which are in both versions. But this time there was no extended research note at the back of the book as usual, so the online version is, indeed, your moment of glory there. 😉

  4. We’ve never been acknowkledged before 🙂 Thank you, Kat.

    Had a phonecall from Borders today telling us our copy is waiting behind the desk even now, so we won’t have to scour the paranormal romance shelves.

  5. Oo! Behind the counter, like controlled medications!

  6. Ha! Excellent acknowledgement! You realise I’ve now got a monkey with an inflated ego? 😉

  7. Oh, yeah, excellent book too. But you knew that.

  8. Yes, but an inflated monkey is not my problem. 😉

    And thank you.

  9. And when I get to the end of the book I find that the UK version has the author’s note in it. Or at least, my copy does.

    Really good description of London, Kat; several times I’ve thought “I’ve been there” when Harper’s describing a place, and found out I’m right when she actually names the place. I’ve stayed in the same hotel as Harper Blaine!

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