Is This an Alarm Clock I See Before Me…?

Seems I haven’t had much more than 6 hours of sleep any night this month, so I’m still a bit out of it, and the running around is keeping me from being articulate. As soon as I manage to catch up to everything, catch my breath, and not be exhausted, I promise to post a decent blog bit about Disneyland, the Haunted Mansion, getting soaked, screaming myself hoarse, fabulous restaurants, planes that actually work and seats you can actually stretch out in, the wonderful that is the St. Francis (except for a lack of robes), Kuleto’s, going to Prison, riding cable cars, and the simple happiness of wine.

Soon, I promise, but until then, my free time is taken sleeping, bathing, or working on the next book.

Also: when the upgrade cost is equal to or less than 2x the cost of the bag fees to get into First Class and not have to pay the bag fees… take it!

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2 Responses to Is This an Alarm Clock I See Before Me…?

  1. Ace says:

    Nice upgrade cost. Yes, take it. Hopefully the electrical outlet situation is better. And the “leaning back of seats in front of you” situation.

    And did you find a suitable delivery service for your luggage?

  2. Cat says:

    You should try to get a touch more sleep. I don’t sleep much myself, because of my schedule and other concerns, and it’s not good for your health, body or mind.
    Of course, if a book comes out sooner because you’re sleeping less, I am a little conflicted…

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