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One of THOSE Days….

Ah, today… how you sucked. I mean… serious, sweaty-donkey ball sucakage. Like deep space cosmic implosion suckage. I’m not just saying, here, I’m SAYING: you sucked, Friday February 26. Total, utter, freakin’ suck. How have you suck’d? Let me count … Continue reading

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The Stupid: It Burns Usss!

Well… It wasn’t an entirely wasted evening: we got to have a good time making fun of the movie afterward. G.I. Joe is shiny, but it starts out with the intelligence and verve of a mildly athletic eight-year-old and gets … Continue reading

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Trick Photography

I have just returned from the mailbox in which I found a Notice of Infraction from the Seattle PD’s Photo Enforcement unit. It’s a photo of my car on the morning of April 9th making a legal right turn at … Continue reading

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