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Legalize Ferret Videos

As you guys know, I’m an advocate of legalizing ferrets in California. I used to live there and as someone who travels a lot these days, I’d like to be able to take my pets with me on some of … Continue reading

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Ah, the irony….

Warning: this is a personal venting post–no hugging will be tolerated. This is beyond ironic: A few months ago, my mom’s girlfriend laid down an edict as from On High that if I “trashed (my) mom in a book (I’d) … Continue reading

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More Lepus

If you want to read the funniest rip on a bad film ever–or at least on Night of the Lepus–hit the recap at You won’t be able to stop laughing, especially at such zingers as “giant toupees wrestling with … Continue reading

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Why does this amuse me?

Starry-starry night… of the Lepus!!! And the glossary of bad movie terms. Oh the joy!

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Independence Weekend Photo Post

Still very busy, but took time out to go down to Oregon to visit my Mom’s side of the family for Independence Day. Drove down July 3 and back on July 5, but since I was driving, didn’t get many … Continue reading

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Schwag Resolution

Thanks to some lovely folks at the Barnes & Noble Paranormal Book Club there will be schwag! There were lots of good suggestions both on the blogs and the book club, but I had to narrow it down to something … Continue reading

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Oh Teh Noes!!

It’s been so hot in Seattle that giant red octopi are crawling onto boats looking for food!! *Dexter’s tail is a little hairless due to adrenaloma–normally ferret’s tails are furry.

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