A Nail in its Coffin

Or at the very least a huge step toward “done!” I have finished the tweaks and spell-checked again so in the morning I shall be printing and shipping what I hope will be the final revision of Underground prior to copyedit and proof.



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Writer, editor, eccentric pain in the tail, bestselling author of the Greywalker novels.
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6 Responses to A Nail in its Coffin

  1. Tonamel says:

    Congrats! I’ve literally just finished reading Poltergeist, so I’m eagerly looking forward to the next one.

  2. SciFiChick says:

    Looking forward to it!

  3. Cam says:

    Yay! Can’t wait for the next book! 🙂

  4. Michael Ehart says:

    Being done! Its like springtime, puppies and true love but without the hay fever, poop in the kitchen, and lawsuits.

  5. ElaineG says:

    Yippee!! Congratulations!

  6. Definitely no puppy poop, thanks…. 😉

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