Out Damned Werewolf!

I’m done with the werewolf story! I think. Well… it’s 8,100 words of Christmas werewolf evilness. I’m just taking a break to clear my brain before I read it through again and see if it needs more tweaks. It’s due Wednesday. But I’m done! Yay! It’s my first complete werewolf!


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3 Responses to Out Damned Werewolf!

  1. Michael Ehart says:

    hurrah for being done!

  2. Mark Henry says:

    Yay! What could be more festive than a Christmas werewolf? Since, zombies have a stronghold on Thanksgiving, and all. Damned Triptophan!

  3. *laugh* Oh yeah. I’m usually a zombie on Thanksgiving, but that has more to do with my family than the food…. 😉

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