I notice everyone is posting amazing stuff like mad, lately. I feel very much a laggard. Me, I’m exhausted and crazy with non-writing stuff, paperwork, house/boatwork and just plain getting back to life away from my computer for a bit. And I have a sore throat this morning. And an appointment at the periodontist for December 19–yipe! I think I’ll be absent a littlle longer….


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4 Responses to Blargh….

  1. God, I hear you. Both Jym and I have been sick as dogs for nearly a week now; but right as he started to get over it, I came down with it HARD.

    I’m completely miserable.

  2. This thing sucks. It appears it’s actually some kind of flu. I spent 3 hours last night shaking and twitching. My husband, who stayed home from work yesterday, is fine and chipper and back and work. I’m headachy and miserable.

  3. I have a stash of different teas over here, and I’d invite you to come for a sip … but I fear that we might cross-contaminate.


  4. I’m slurpin tea and hot lemon with honey like mad. And there ain’t enough Kleenex in the universe to keep up with my runny nose. And Jim’s–he stayed home today, too, but he’s still sleeping. I can only sleep so late, then I have to get up, no matter how terrible I feel.

    Richelle brought me a care package yesterday. yay!

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