Update on U-Book Signings

Richelle got off easy: according to our friend Art–one of the bookstore event volunteers working the Laurell K Hamilton gig–Bill Clinton’s signing remained on site at the store until after 12:30 a.m., which was when the Hamilton gig folks went to return the unsold stock to the store and were told they couldn’t come in–at least not through the unlocked door. Not sure how late the Secret Service was frisking potential book owners, but they were still on the job when Art left.

Ms Hamilton apparently called it a night a little before midnight, signing both fan books and store stock until her hands fell off (well… OK, she did still have them, but they were very unhappy hands by all reports.) And she started an hour before Bill! My guess, what with stock and fan-provided books (assuming 2 each on average and about 50-60 stock items before her carpals called it quits), is that she signed about 600 volumes by gig’s end. Holy Macaroni–that’s a lot of scribbling!


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