Do You Know the Way to T-shirts?

Not to give away, to wear. The weather is so lovely right now (79.9F and 10% humidity with a 3-5knot breeze) that I went to get my summer clothes out (finally) and I have almost no t-shirts that still fit and aren’t stained, moth-eaten or kind of tragic. I seem to have only 5 decent shirts in the collection. And I need something to wear on tour. I thought of buying ferret t-shirts, but many of them are not so good or printed on “universal” shirts, which are really men’s shirts and… well… I have hips… and tits… and those really don’t fit well….

Where can I find neat t-shirts that fit Women?

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7 Responses to Do You Know the Way to T-shirts?

  1. Slyboots says:

    I have gotten all addicted to American Apparel t shirts. I fought it, I truly did. But then I came across a box of discarded swag, and it was a bunch of these gems. Don’t care for the logo, so they go to the gym regularly, not for public wear. But my husband steals them, and they are the most wonderful shirts that I own. It makes me sad inside, but it is the truth. I believe there is a store that actually sells these in the U district.

    My old standard that still gets heavy rotation are Calvin Klein men’s v-neck undershirts in black or white. Not the sexiest thing on the block, but comfy and not too clingy.

  2. SYnde says:

    Hey I love and their womans shirts are made for women, with all the correct parts!
    Check out the pillow fight t. Iove the fangs on the pillows.

  3. Hehe… yeah, Cherie’s a big fan of threadless also.

    I wear a lot of men’s sweaters and shirts, but I just can’t do the t-shirts–I’m lumpy and shapeless enough without that kind of help.

  4. My absolute faves are plain dark grey t shirts from gap that they do in a really thin t-shirt fabric and are fairly flattering, or the red or dead ones at the gap, same reason really, the fabric is thin for t shirt material and they do some of them in V necks which definately suit me better.

  5. hmm… looks like there’s shopping in my future… thanks guys!

  6. Ciara says:

    Check out the Frock Shop on Phinney and 65th. They have some cute tops. Also, I’ve been noticing at street fairs (Fremont and UDistrict, in particular) there are quite a few screen print artists with really nice t-shirt designs. Viking days is coming up here in Ballard, so hopefully you can check them out there.

    But the warm weather won’t stay very long. You could try what I do every year – put off getting a swimsuit/shorts/sandals one more week, until finally it’s cold and rainy again and I can wait until next year. 🙂

  7. Viking Days! yay! The world needs more Viking!

    I pass the Frock Shop on the way to my dentist. I’ll have to check that out.

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