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Hey you guys! don’t forget the Schwag contest! Cause we all need more stuff! Advertisements

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The Russians are Coming!

This is definitely the oddest version I’ve seen, the Russian translation–of the cover at least–has rendered Harper into a blonde warrior babe! W00t! Go Harper! I wish my Russian didn’t stink, I can barely read my name there, though I … Continue reading

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London Travelogue, Day the Seventh

In which I do research and Jim is forced to walk–a lot!–and we find a River which is not a river and an Angel which is not an angel. On the suggestion of my UK Agent, John Parker, we decide … Continue reading

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Mars Needs Schwag!

Well, actually, I do. I’ve been trying to think of something to give away to fans and potential fans. I mean, I have postcards coming from the publisher and I have my own card, but I don’t have schwag. You … Continue reading

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A Horde, Darkly….

Just cause I think it’s kind of neat, and because people ask me for leads to places/projects to submit to, I’m linking to my friend Liz’s post on My Favorite Books: Wanna Be a Writer? The Dark Horde project is … Continue reading

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Publishing Update

Cover Update (Not a Cover-up Date): My editor informs me that the red type on the new cover is supposed to be foiled so it will “pop”. I’m still not sure how much pop you get from a red foil … Continue reading

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London Travelogue, Day the Sixth

In which we have lunch and take a tour bus. Because we’re horrible about getting up early, Mr. Kat and I roll out of bed about 10 and head for the Embankment for a lunch appointment with my UK publishing … Continue reading

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