Now With Extra Bits!

I’ve got the original and first revisions of Revenant’s first chapter up in the new Extra Bits! page which you can find at my main site’s Miscellaneous listing. I’ll get the research and photos for Revenant up as soon as I can, but in the meantime, if you want to know more about how the book started, go check out Extra Bits!


Meanwhile, I’ll be offline for a while while I’m away on some mysterious business… WhooOooo…. See you soon!

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Book Day!

Revenant is out today! and it got a nice review at the Qwillery.

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I have my tentative schedule for Dragon*Con–which currently sports 5 panels: two on Friday and three on Sunday. But it is a tentative schedule, no reading or signing stuff is on it yet. I should also have a book table signing and possibly some time at the SFWA table too, so I’ll update all that as soon as I have it. Stay tuned!

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Contest and Other Cool Stuff

Ooo… Vampire Book Club is giving away a copy of my new book! See how you can win it! And REVENANT made it onto the Kirkus “Your Best Bets for Speculative Fiction Reads in August” list! Whee!

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Sunset July 13, 2014

I didn’t have time to post these when they were fresh, but here are some photos of the local sunset on July 13. Quite spectacular, yes?

These were all taken with my Nexus 5 Android phone camera with the native software, no filters or effects, and they were not photoshopped after the fact–only sized.

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Job’s Done… for now

So, I’ve finished. The first draft of the by-now-infamous Science Fiction police thriller Work in Progress is done. 140,718 words of which I did 6,662 today. Now if I can just figure out how to get Scrivener to stop calling the title page “Chapter One” I’ll be golden (and tired.)

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Revenant Author Copies

My author copies of Revenant arrived on Wednesday and I finally got some unboxed today. Not only are they gorgeous, they’re huge! (At least for an Urban Fantasy novel.) At 450 pages, Revenant is almost 100 pages longer than last year’s book, Possession (which was 358 pages), and you can see in the photos what a difference that makes. Wow! I’m going to have to give a few of these away, I suspect….




(As always, click on photos for larger images)

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Tour Info

I’ve just finished updating the Tour/Appearances page. So, now you know where to find me.

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Why I’m Not Working Faster….

Would be these two:

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Monday is Interesting

Today started out very Monday–hubby’s alarm didn’t go off, then dog complained about wanting out much earlier than normal, thus getting us out of bed anyhow; I stepped in poop while playing with Jack and then had to extract his ball from same; had to clean up puppy yarf in my office for which I had no cleaning fluid ready-made and had to make some on the spot; then smacked my funny bone putting the cleaning fluid away.

But then I got a nice review for REVENANT (which I was also able to pass on to the other writers mentioned on the page–always nice to give others good news, too); fixed more issues with the outline for the WiP; and had a positive (but not yet nailed-closed) meeting with a dog sitter.

So now I just need to make dinner and do some actual writing and I’ll have had a pretty good day.

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Revenant’s First Review

And it’s a doozy! RT Book Reviews has given Revenant the nod as a “Top Pick” in Urban Fantasy for August 2014! (See the actual page below.) And I’m thrilled not only with the 4.5 Stars and the pick, but look at the company! Stephen Blackmoore, Ilona Andrews, and Jaye Wells! I get to hang with the cool kids!

RT Book Reviews, August 2014 Top Picks (click image to enlarge.)

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A Good Day in Katlandia

A little piece I wrote about legalizing ferrets in California has been published online at Kings River Life Magazine!

I also got a box full of Possession paperbacks! Wheee!posessionMMPbox

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