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Season’s Greetings (Bow-Wow-Woof edition)

Have yourself a Merry Little Dogmas, and read this clever post about dogs pulling christmas trees on sleds (no dogs were injured or abused, they’re working!)

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Have Yourself a Spooky Little Christmas

Sooo… I was looking around for strange Winter Holiday things and found Raincoaster’s annual posting of Christmas/Advent Ghost stories, starting with Jerome K. Jerome’s “Stories Told After Supper.” Ramble through the rest of the recent posts to read more public-domain … Continue reading

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Christmas Retread

I wish I could post part of the funniest Christmas things I ever wrote, but alas, I think it’s still under license. It was “The Werewolf Before Christmas” from the Wolfsbane and Mistletoe anthology put together by Charlaine Harris and … Continue reading

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All right, so… this is my first Christmas in my own house, first Christmas in this house, first Christmas with Jack–for whom this is the first Christmas ever. And this is my first Christmas tree in 30 years, Bella and … Continue reading

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Dogmas

Fan Becky Kyle sent Bella and Jack the first gifts of Dogmas–delicious-smelling (and the dogs seem to think, -tasting) biscuits from River Dog Bakery in Knoxville, TN. And a sweet card with them. Thanks Becky!

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Thanksgiving 2013

Traded jobs with Hubby today. So because of ferry delays I drove the 2 hours to fetch my mom and then 2 hours back home with her. Mr. Kat started the standing rib roast while I was on the road. … Continue reading

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Site Archeology: Talking Turkey

Back in 2000 I had a little tiny website and I wrote this piece about Thanksgiving, so because a friend of mine is facing her first turkey roasting, I thought I’d repost it for her. Over the years, I’ve discovered … Continue reading

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Progress and Antlers

Well, I’m down to the final scene of the WIP and stopping for the day so I can spend all day on it tomorrow. Current total word count is 85,244 words, with 3,353 added today and it looks like the … Continue reading

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Happy Holidogs 2012!

Because I love to torment her, I bought some Holiday Dog Antlers for Bella. She doesn’t want to wear them, she’d rather steal them and destroy them: But victory shall not be hers. Even if it takes Mr. Kat wrestling … Continue reading

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This is the progression of most holidays in Katlandia: Do the family/traditional thing; carouse; recover. Plainly I’ve been displaced in someone’s affections, but I’m not sure whose….

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All’s Well That Ends With Whiskey

Had an excellent Thanksgiving with minimal stress and maximum yumminess. Mom was happily surprised by the attendance of my sister and her husband. Bella also loved them very much, maybe too much since the only bad incident was Bella jolting … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Dog

Bella says "It's all about the stuffing!" (click for larger image)

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