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A Good Day in Katlandia

A little piece I wrote about legalizing ferrets in California has been published online at Kings River Life Magazine! I also got a box full of Possession paperbacks! Wheee!

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Proofing and Work Space

I’ve just finished the proofs for the paperback edition of last year’s book, Possesion. Here’s the new desk and the copy stand (which is just a lightweight laptop board I’ve adapted for the purpose) while it was in use. I … Continue reading

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New Reviews for Possession

A nice review of Possession is up at The Book Swarm. Very pleasing and the comments are kind of fun too. There’s also some good stuff up at Darkest Goth Magazine online: a multi-part interview with me and a review … Continue reading

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Excerpt Love

There’s an excerpt from POSSESSION up at!

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Finally: Updates!

I finally have updates on the Greywalker Novels page with info about Possession! There’s even an excerpt… and the book has a sneak preview of the write-up from Kirkus Reviews–which was very nice, thank you! Next I need to update … Continue reading

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Almost Locked

Just received copyedits on POSSESSION. This is the final editing stage before it goes off to compositing and no more changes can be made. Due back April 1 (no, joke.)

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And… Done

The revision of Possession is done and sent to my editor. I hope she likes it. The manuscript rose from a word count of 90,912 to 103,356 by the end of the revision. Is it better? I think so and … Continue reading

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Carrying On….

I’ve completed the revision of POSSESSION’s Chapter 14 (of 24). Damned book just keeps getting longer…. But it will be done by Monday night–’cause it’s due Tuesday. and then… the proofreading of SEAWITCH mass market proofs! I can smell finished … Continue reading

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Progress… maybe

Finally done with the New Proposal revision/backgrounder. I’m not sure how good it is, but… it’s done. So, now I can get back to work on the revision of POSSESSION.

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Well and Truly Done

Finished up the Pro- and Epilogues today on Possession–adding 1,172 words–spell checked the document and sent it to editor, agent, and beta readers. Greywalker #8 is now completely out of my hands until they are all done with it–probably mid … Continue reading

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I’m Done

There’s still the Prologue and Epilogue to do, but the real body of Possession (Greywalker #8) is now done: 89,740 words total at this point. Today’s final scene added 4,496 words and the Epi and Pro will tip the MS … Continue reading

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Progress and Antlers

Well, I’m down to the final scene of the WIP and stopping for the day so I can spend all day on it tomorrow. Current total word count is 85,244 words, with 3,353 added today and it looks like the … Continue reading

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