Oh Brave New World That Has Such Robots In It

If you’re shrugging, watch again. The elegance of motion, delicacy of touch, pressure, and mobility required to tie your shoe is amazing. Until recently a robot of any kind could barely do it. Three years ago this was as good as it got:

But now, a myoelectric prosthesis can replicate–even expand upon–a large degree of the dexterity and delicacy most people take for granted with their “original equipment” hands. Read the article and visit the manufacturer’s website for more info. Isn’t science amazing?

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3 Responses to Oh Brave New World That Has Such Robots In It

  1. R. K. MacPherson says:

    Incredible. It’s things like this that prompt so much research before diving into science fiction writing. Speculation is great, but it has to be informed by the realities of scientific advancement in the now. Awesome, and yet sad that most people aren’t aware of these achievements–but we know who got boob jobs. Yay.

  2. Now, if they were bionic boobs that did something other than bounce around that would be an interesting article…

  3. Bart says:

    Not sure I am pleased that our Robot Overlords are that much closer to opening my front door. Wait, who’s that…

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