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Greywalker Trailer!

Guess what I have for you on Cinco de Mayo? A present! Yup, Ken George made a book trailer for the Greywalker series which will be running at Romantic Times, but you can see it here first! I hope you … Continue reading

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Dogs Love Snow

Apparently. This is Jack’s first snow ever and Bella’s first snow with her own yard to romp in. They seem to like it.

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Jackanapes, Co-Dependent Bear, and Things That Go *SPROING!*

Five minutes of Jack being very silly with “co-dependent bear” and a doorstop. (Yes, the bear says “I love you!” repeatedly.) This is why we call him “Jackanapes.”

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Jack Seems to be Recovering….

Finally a new Daily Dog. I took this a couple of days ago while Jack was still on his meds and supposed to be “convalescing.” Yeah… like slowing down is ever going to happen with this pup. As you can … Continue reading

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Barking at Balls

The daily dog is very silly today (twice!) See Jack bark at his balls (yeah, yeah… I know what you’re thinking…) and more:

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World Wide Puppy Wrestling–LIVE!

It’s a heart-stopping sight: Bella Pibble going two rounds of doggy wrestling with newcomer Jack Puppikins! Oh, the horror!

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Daily Dog is Generous

Bella has a bone to pick… or trade, or share… maybe.

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Oh Brave New World That Has Such Robots In It

If you’re shrugging, watch again. The elegance of motion, delicacy of touch, pressure, and mobility required to tie your shoe is amazing. Until recently a robot of any kind could barely do it. Three years ago this was as good … Continue reading

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Bella Owns the House

In which Bella shows her appreciation for our new house: Yeah, the video is only adequate and the audio makes no sense as Mr. Kat and I discuss shower curtains and dog… business, but here it is anyhow.

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We Now Return…

To our irregularly scheduled self-promotion and dog pictures. My editor has officially accepted the revised manuscript of POSSESSION, so now I can do some other work while I wait for the copyedit to arrive. In the meantime, I got a … Continue reading

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Bella Versus the Sweet Potato

I have been pretty busy lately with the revision, proposal, proofing, looking for a house, and dealing with a neighbor who has a grudge against my dog. But that hasn’t dampened Bella’s fun any. And here she is, trying to … Continue reading

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Dr. Talon Speaks!

The most-excellent David D. Levine presents “Dr. Talon’s Letter to the Editor”. Hehehehe… long, but worth the time.

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