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Nifty stuff has been lying around in Poland… My Polish publisher’s site has some kind of Flash thing here that pops up a gigantic, cropped version of their cover art from Greywalker. I can’t figure out what it’s for though. Anyone who reads Polish: could you take a look at this and tell me what the site is saying about my book?

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  1. I had a little go with the Google translator and it seems that you’ve got, from the top –

    A description of Greywalker that starts “Spirited mix of detective novels and thrillers. With well-tailored dose of heroine and a shock of horror and humor.” (and rapidly defeats the translation doobrie);

    The big pictures, headed ‘Lighters’ unless the accent on the z radically changes the meaning (wallpapers, surely? – the red buttons are ‘download’ and ‘more’);

    Heading ‘Fragments’ – two extracts from Greywalker – the first is headed ‘Excuse me, are you saying that I died?’ and the second ‘Two guys and office’.

    Then there’s a bunch of extracts from reviews, with links (the red bars) to the original source. The ones I examined sentences from seemed favourable (but who wouldn’t?), though the Paradoks review said something “left a deficiency” (a comment added at the Paradoks website basically said that was because Greywalker isn’t the full story and someone should translate them) but recommended it all the same.

    Random extracts, all from different reviews:

    “If only the author does not depart from the chosen path and will not push Harper to bed the next vampire, as did with Laurell K. Hamilton Anita, Greywalker may become one of the best cycles in our market.”

    “In conclusion, we must say that the first part of a long series, “Greywalker” cope very well. As an independent novel, this book is worth the money spent on it. Solid position for a few autumnal evenings.”

    “I recommend “Greywalkera” those who liked the “blood price” Tanyi Huff as “more of a good thing.” ”

    “I must admit that “Greywalker” is an interesting addition to a home set urban fantasy novels. It contains a number of elements of both horror, thriller and black thriller”

    “Richardson to create a fairly interesting book, although it attracted no fireworks of ideas, but it is not boring. Swift action, humorous episodes”

    ” ‘Greywalker ‘great novel, which combines the classic novel Crime fantastic.”

    [This message may have been brought to you by the phrase “Yes, I am trying to avoid doing something else”]

  2. That’s OK: I’m trying to avoid working

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