A Drop of the Crature and some critters, too

Been an odd few days here in Katlandia. Lots of laundry, lots of mind-changing about short stories I need to write, lots of updates and changes to the upcoming site relaunch…

Yesterday, I stepped out to deal with laundry and saw a lot of wave-rings on the water. Turned out to be a huge mass of young salmon swimming back out to sea–with a short stop to rest and eat algae in our marina first. A little while later, I saw a harbor seal cruising the area. Cause and effect? or just fast food? Missed getting photos, alas: seals dive at the first hint of a camera.

Today I had lunch with my long-time best-bud Kris and then dropped by Seattle Mystery Bookshop, then headed home by way of… (bad Kat) the liquor store on Crown Hill–which has one of the best odd alcohol selections in Seattle and one of the best in the state, apparently. And found something I’d never seen in Seattle before: Clontarf Reserve Irish Whiskey.

Now some of you may recall the Irish Whiskey tasting from the old website on Jan 15, 2006 in which we decide the low-end Kilbeggan was damned fine stuff at $18/bottle–better than it’s better known and higher-priced Jameson and Bushmill’s kin. And our favorites were the Redbreast and the then-underpriced Tyrconnell. But the Clontarf is now sneaking in where the Tyrconnell used to sit and so, although we’re supposed to go to a Scotch tasting sometime in March, I’m thinking we might have to do the Irish again soon.

Indulge ourselves in a drop (or three or four) of “the crature”. Mmmm…

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3 Responses to A Drop of the Crature and some critters, too

  1. Andrew says:

    Irish whiskey. Sounds good.

  2. hagelrat says:

    *sigh* damn and i only have wine.

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