I turned the revised manuscript in to my editor a week ago and for the first time in this series, I really wanted to hop straight into development on the next book right away. But I can’t since I have a short story due in a month on which I have done nothing significant.

It’s hard to think of one project when your mind is in another. Like a pause in music, you aren’t really onto another song yet just because the music isn’t playing.

It’s not that I’m not interested in the short story–I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, since it’s a chance to try out my straight-Mystery chops–but my brain is all full of wonderful ideas for Greywalker #6 and I want to play with them before the deadline is looming like the Wall of China.

I’ve also got three interviews, blogs, promo, a new website, and promotional tours to manage, plan, fill out, and variously get off my desk and onto someone else’s.

So why am I playing WoW instead?

I’m actually excited about most of this stuff. I’m thrilled with the new book, so promoting it will be fun. I’ve been having a ball working with Thea and Eric on the new website design, so I can hardly wait for that to go live. The interviews are all really good sets of questions and I want to answer them well and be witty and entertaining. And between the lot of us, there are some nifty promo ideas floating around.

And a short story to write!

So why aren’t I writing?

Or at least committing to conventions for this season? At the moment, I’m only booked for a speaking gig with Willamett Writers March 4, Left Coast Crime in Los Angeles March 10-14, Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention in Columbus in May, and Bouchercon in San Francisco in October. (I might go to Muskego again in November, but that’s unconfirmed.) I’m letting Norwescon be a casual attendance only this year, since I’m still proofing in April. I’ve decided not to attend Dragon*Con this year, since it’s at the end of the tour and I’m exhausted by then with a deadline looming. And I simply can’t make it to WorldCon in Australia.

But what about NASFic? It’s in Raleigh NC the weekend LABYRINTH is realased. Or ComicCon? I haven’t received any paperwork on that, yet, so I may not even be in the system and I’d have to do the whole thing from scratch again. I’d love to do more stuff back east or around Chicago, but I don’t know the area and schedules. What else could I do? Where could I go? What sort of writerly trouble could I get into this year….?

But first… the short story.

I think I need a PA….


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3 Responses to Caesura

  1. Hey! You!

    Stop thinking so much…and start writing. 😉

  2. Cat says:

    WoW? Ewwwwwww. Eve Online, much better.

    Also, moar writing.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Yeah…. WoW? Fun sometimes to break up the monotony or take your mind from stress but don’t get sucked in like my boyfriend.

    About the PA. I seriously hate my job working for Comcast in the technical support. Anything else would be better. lol 🙂

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